Contact Lenses at Invision Optical

The Proper Fit
The human eye is approximately 24 millimetres across. The Colossal Squid has an eye measurement of 27 centimetres across. That’s over 11 times bigger than our eyes! Just think how large a squid’s contact lens would be!

Luckily for them, colossal squids don’t have to worry about that, but we do. To receive the proper fit of contact lenses, optometrists need to match the lens size to the curvature of your cornea. Therefore you need a prescription to buy the right fit of contacts for your eyes.

When you visit us at Invision Optical, our optometrists will help you to find the right fit of contact lens for your lifestyle and your eyes, and walk you through the process of cleaning and caring for your new prescription contact lenses.

Most contact lenses are either for daily wear, or extended wear, as you can obtain daily disposable lenses or bi-weekly and monthly disposable lenses. Contact lenses can also be hard, soft, or anywhere in between. There are also different shaped lenses available in order to treat various eye and vision problems. As contacts sit directly on the eye, it is essential to make sure they are clean and comfortable for your use.

Cleaning and Care
The first step in using contacts is to always wash your hands with soap and water before touching the lenses, or your eyes. This is to make sure that no dirt, dust, or other debris gets into either. Hypoallergenic soap that contains no perfumes, lotions, or other cosmetics, would be the optimum choice, as not to transfer any oils or residue from your fingers to your contacts. Pat your hands dry on a clean, lint-free towel.

It is important to always inspect the lenses before inserting them into your eye. If you notice anything on your contacts, you should use your saline or solution to clean them. If the lens is at all damaged, throw it out and replace it with a new one. After putting your contacts in, make sure to clean and rinse out your contact lens case with fresh cleaning solution.

If you are out of cleaning solution, do not use water as a substitute, as you risk damaging or drying out the lenses. Always remember to remove contacts before showering, swimming, or sleeping.

When removing the contacts from your eyes, clean and dry your hands like before. Take out your first lens, placing it in the palm of your hand, and apply a small amount of cleaning solution directly onto the lens. Use your finger to gently rub the solution into the contact, as to loosen and dissolve buildup that can collect on the lens. Place in your case, and repeat for the second contact. Never mix the previous day’s solution with the new, as this could negate the cleaning solution effect. Store your container in an upright position as not to dry out one contact from the other.

If you feel like contact lenses would be an excellent fit for you, schedule an appointment with our optometrists at Invision Optical today!