Book your next eye exam at Invision Optical in Oakville

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There is a misconception that if someone currently has good vision then their eyes are healthy. However, there are serious eye diseases that have no early warning signs. Your Oakville optometrists at Invision Optical have the abilities to detect many of these symptoms in their early stages before they develop into more serious conditions.

An eye exam is not just about monitoring patients reading letters off a chart – it is a full, comprehensive and detailed exam of your visual perception, vision, and eye health. Your comprehensive eye examination at our optometrist center in Oakville includes:

  • A review of your current health and optical history
  • Vision accuracy examination
  • Testing for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.
  • Eye pressure measurements
  • Eye health examination
  • Retinal examination

Early detection gives people the best possible chance of maintaining optimal vision. A comprehensive eye examination not only reveals the health of your eyes, but can also be an indicator of your overall health.

We recommend that adults of all ages should have their eyes examined by an Oakville optometrist annually. An annual eye exam by an Oakville optometrist will ensure that your vision health is thoroughly tested.

To make sure that you maintain optimal vision, book your next eye exam in Oakville with Invision Optical Optometry.


What To Have Ready for your next Oakville eye exam

  • Arrive at Invision Optical 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out the necessary patient forms.
  • If it will be your first time at Invision Optical, it will help the process if you bring a copy of your most recent prescription from your previous eye care provider if available.
  • In addition you can bring your current eyewear and/or contact lenses showing your prescription on the label.
  • If you have vision insurance, then we recommend bringing your insurance details. You can call us 24 hours before your appointment to verify your benefits.