About Our Staff

Emily Budac

Hi! I’m Emily. I’m originally from Waterloo Ontario where I met and married Vincent. I am obsessed with learning about leadership, improving my skill set and expanding on my knowledge wherever possible. This passion proved to be necessary while opening a business with my husband, in a pandemic, in a field I am unfamiliar with. While I may be new to the field of optometry, my passion for health, patient experience and connection with our community have made the transition into this field very fulfilling. Along the way I’ve developed a deep love of independent eyewear and I hand selected the brands and frames that we carry. Finding the best pair of glasses for each person that comes through our door brings me so much joy. My ten plus years of experience in the fitness industry have become an instrumental part of my new additional role as a Vision Therapist. Helping children and adults of all ages have a more graceful visual system so they can do the things they love with ease is incredibly rewarding.