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Where to Find Contact Lenses in Oakville

Where to Find Contact Lenses in Oakville

Are you in need of prescription eyewear but hate the look and feel of glasses? With contact lenses, you can get the vision aid you need, while acquiring all the durability, comfort, and reliability that glasses might not be able to give you. Whether you are in need of new prescription contact lenses,

Visit our Oakville Optometrist at Invision Optical in Oakville

For some, visiting an optometrist can be a nerve wracking experience. All of those odd-looking vision related instruments and the pressure of an eye exam can be daunting. But at Invision Optical, you won’t need to worry, as our Oakville Optometrist will follow the three Ps to provide you with the best care possible: professionalism,

Get your Glasses and Frames at Invision Optical in Oakville

There is nothing worse than finding out you need eyewear to help your vision, only to have a tough time finding anything that fits or feels good. But don’t panic! Obtaining the best-fit glasses and frames is easy when you visit Invision Optical at our Oakville location.

Here at Invision Optical, our job is to take care of you!

Your Optometrist at Invision Optical

Your Personal Optometrist at Invision Optical!  

When you think about working out, or flexing your body’s muscles- images of massive biceps and rock solid abs may come to mind- but did you know the eye is one of the most used muscles in our entire body?

Our eyes contain over 7 million cones that are vital in perceiving colour and detail and 100 million rod cells that help us to see in the dark.