Ray ban Glasses Oakville


When it comes to luxury sunglasses, Ray ban is an irremovable name and you might be thinking about the reasons for the legendary position held by this brand among fashion enthusiasts.
Ray Ban is one of the best-selling and innovative eyewear brands from around the world. For more than 7 decades, they have been producing classic frames and the names of some of their iconic frames are Club master, Wayfarers, and Aviators. With the state-of-the-art materials and technology, without any doubt, the company holds great name and fame among fashion enthusiasts.

A true eyewear icon:

Right from their first appearance in the 30s, Ray ban glasses have been shown to stand the test of time when it comes to eyewear. Ray ban glasses have turned out to be the must-have eyewear among fashionistas, celebrities and even among common men and women.

How Ray Ban Glasses Started Out:

Ray ban glasses were initially introduced by Bausch & Lomb for functional purpose. Yes, their aim was to protect the precious eyes of the United States pilots. But, now, this brand has come a long way from just being a safety eyewear to being a classic fashion accessory.

Features that Ray Ban Glasses make them stand out:

Many brand try to match or imitate the quality of Ray Ban glasses, but they are not able to do this and here are the reasons for the special place held by these glasses:
 Craftsmanship par excellence
 Perpetual icons
 High quality materials using the finest manufacturing process
 Hand-polished acetate material
 Real glass lenses