Bio True Daily (30 pack)



These daily lenses are made from Hypergel™, a unique hydrogel material developed by Bausch & Lomb. Biotrue ONEday is designed to work just like your eyes, for a comfortable vision throughout the day.

Inspired by the biological functioning of the eye, this development has resulted in a lens with a very high water content of no less than 78%, which is almost equal to the same characteristic of the eye. Together with the moisture-retaining properties of the Hypergel, this gives the perfect amount of oxygen, keeps the lens and eye moist and, thus, ensures optimum comfort and healthy eyes all day long.

Also applied to this lens is the well-proven so-called HD, High Definition Technology by Bausch Lomb, used in the PureVision series. This ensures excellent and sharp vision also in low light situations and reduces and prevents glare, especially at night.

With daily lenses, you will ensure every day new and clean contacts, and for an easier insertion, the new Biotrue ONEday comes with a light blue tint. Also, this soft contact lens offers UV protection, but please note that this applies only to that part of the eye that is covered by the contact lens itself. For optimal protection against UV radiation, a good pair of sunglasses is also necessary.

The Biotrue ONEday is also available for beginning presbyopia (when you are starting with reading glasses).

Order online at, via your mobile or tablet, always quickly and easy.

Available in packs of 30 or 90 lenses.

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