Best Biker Sunglasses Oakville


If you are a committed rider, motorcycle sunglasses hold importance since it affects both comfort and safety. However, many riders wear glasses that match their riding attire better than their riding environment. At Invision Optical, we are here to help you choose the best pair of biker sunglasses that suit your needs as well as addressing your riding environment.


To purchase effective biker sunglasses, understand the type of riding you will be doing.

Longer rides or even short rides at high speeds require glasses that prevent wind from swirling around behind the lens and drying out your eyes or blowing the glasses right off of your face. However, if you are usually riding between stoplights, you will want eyewear that allows more air circulation to minimize fogging and perspiration around the eyes.
Some of the biker sunglasses feature a foam eyecup that shields your eyes from swirling winds. In addition, some sunglasses implement a venting system that manages the amount of air that comes through air vents on top and escapes out the bottom or on the sides. While too much circulating air will dry out your eyes, too little circulation will suffocate them. So it important to find a best to find a pair that suits your riding needs.
When it comes to purchasing biker sunglasses, be cautious about wearing eyewear on a motorcycle that is not designed specifically for speed. Choose a frame that can adequately wrap around the side of your eyes without eliminating the comfort. If you plan on purchasing smaller frames, it could prevent bigger bugs from flying directly into your eye, but it will provide little protection from wind and dust. All in all, the frames you choose should be able to withstand harsh impact. An unbreakable lens has little value if the frame is easily destructible.