Child Eye Exam

At True North Optometry, we recommend your child’s first eye exam occur before their first birthday, and then annually until the age of 19. With every child, we strive to support them with their visual development and help them meet the visual demands of the world around them.

Dr. Budac practices optometry from a behavioural approach. During your child’s eye exam, Dr. Budac will not only look for nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), an eye turn (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia) and other ocular pathologies, but also assess your child’s eye movement (tracking) skills, ability to use their eyes together (binocularity), ability to keep their eyes aligned as they move inwards (convergence), capacity to process visual information, and ability to change focus from one object to another.

We strive to make every child eye exam an enjoyable and informative experience. You will be left with a thorough evaluation of your child’s visual system as well as information on how to protect and enhance their vision as they continue to grow and develop.

Adult Eye Exam

At True North Optometry, we recommend that every adult from the age of 19 to 65 have a comprehensive eye exam every two years. With age, we tend to see a higher prevalence of ocular pathologies like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. For adults over 65, we recommend an annual eye exam. An annual eye exam is also recommended for anyone with a systemic condition like diabetes or multiple sclerosis where there can be a significant impact on vision and ocular health.

Dr. Budac strives to provide you with the solutions that will help you meet the visual demands you face on a daily basis. Working together, Dr. Budac will customize your lens prescription so that it works for you.

Vision Therapy

There are certain fundamental visual abilities that every human should have. Vision therapy is a personalized curriculum of activities done in-office and at home to develop, regain, or enhance these visual abilities.

Dr. Budac can identify learning related visual problems that can have a significant impact on school performance as well as more apparent visual dysfunctions like crossed eyes (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), eyestrain and double vision. In addition, Dr. Budac provides Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation and Sports Vision Therapy.

At True North Optometry, we are happy to have a dedicated space for vision therapy. With specialty equipment, lenses, prisms, filters and computer software, we have all the tools and equipment needed to support you in developing your vision.

Frame Styling

At True North Optometry, we work closely with our frame suppliers to offer a wide variety of trending, stylish and unique frames. We strive to stock an assortment of frames for all ages, faces and budgets.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a bit of a misnomer. A better label is tear film dysfunction. When the delicate balance of tears on the eye is unbalanced, a cascade of symptoms can present. These include your eyes feeling dry, watery, sore, gritty, itchy or tired. Red blood shot eyes, crustiness around your eyes in the morning, and chronic styes can also be traced back to a dry eye problem.

The impact of our habits and environment cannot be overlooked. Northern British Columbia with all its beauty and opportunity, is also very dry, particularly here in Prince George. Our habits, environment and changes in season can all play a role in severity of our symptoms.

Dr. Budac spends time during your comprehensive eye exam to not only identify tear film dysfunction, but to also investigate the possible causes and factors that have contributed to it. His treatment plan will involve both the management of symptoms and a preventative maintenance protocol.

Contact Lenses

At True North Optometry, we have a wide selection of contact lenses to match your individual needs and lifestyle. Whether for work, sports or a special occasion, we work to find the lens that provides you with the best vision, comfort, fit and care.