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When purchasing your motorcycle goggles, it is important to note that the goggles should meet your needs in terms of safety and comfort. With our extensive range of glasses, goggles, and sunglasses, there is always something for everyone. At Invision Optical, we strive to deliver our quality service which will further enhance your ownership experience.

Ride your motorcycle in comfort

If you decide to purchase your goggles, make sure they provide a tight fit. With the powerful wind force, the vibration can loosen your fitting goggles which blurs your vision and can put you at risk while riding. With a tight and comfortable fit, it will secure the goggles in place while protecting your eyes from insects, dust, and other debris. However, if you happen to wear glasses, it is still required for you to possess some kind of goggle protection. Many motorcyclists particularly wear tight-fitting goggles or goggles with foam seals to prevent the wind and dust to enter your eyes. Because not all goggles fit over your glasses, you will want goggles that are big enough to sit over your glasses. There are a number of good styles out there and Invision Optical is here to help.

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, there is always an option to purchase prescription goggles. Many styles are available with prescription lenses. Unfortunately, these can be very expensive and your ability to experiment with different lenses and colors are limited. One of the best features you can find in motorcycle goggles is the interchangeable lenses. During the day, a tinted lens will help you see by blocking out the bright sun. But at night, your eyes need to take in all the artificial and natural (moonlight) lighting they can to help you see. Pop in your clear lenses once the sun sets and you have regular night vision. When purchasing your goggles, make sure they are easily adjustable for comfort purposes.