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Having the right pair of motorcycle sunglasses is essential for your comfort and safety as you ride. Primarily, the two purposes for getting motorcycle sunglasses are to shield your eyes from harsh sunlight glares as you ride and to protect your eyes from flying debris.

If you are planning to purchase your sunglasses, there are a lot of considerations to think about. What is the best solution to protect against wind, light, dust and debris? How do you ride? Do you wear a full face helmet, do you wear an open face? Here at Invision Optical, we are here to help you find the sunglasses that will enrich your riding experience.

Importance of purchasing biker sunglasses

The first thing to consider when getting a pair of motorcycle sunglasses or prescription motorcycle sunglasses is the type of helmet being used. Open faced helmets and full face shield helmets require different types of sunglasses for optimal fit and comfort. If you ride with an open face, you should go for sunglasses with more wind protection. Therefore, purchasing a full wrap around glasses is ideal in that circumstance. However, with a full helmet, straight back sunglasses with thin temples makes it is easy to get on and off, and they provide a comfortable fit under the helmet.

In addition to knowing the types of frame you need, you should choose your lenses. Make sure your choice has Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses – and that they wrap around the sides of your eye for protection. Finally, you should consider your lens coating options. A polarized lens is often a popular choice since it will reduce the strain on your eyes by eliminating the glares. With the clean, crisp view on the road you get from a polarized lens, it could even improve your reaction time on the road. However, you may not want to use polarized lenses accompanied with a helmet which can cause distortion.

With sunglasses comes with various tint colours. Brown and copper shades will provide the best contrast and ensure you can see those green and red stoplights crystal clear. Grey lenses will give you the most accurate color spectrum, while yellow lenses work best in low light environments.