How to achieve properly fitting glasses

As we continue to purchase many consumer products through the Internet, we have become accustomed to the convenience of making purchases at the push of a button while finding the lowest possible price. However, that immediacy and bargain is not a worthy substitute for the value of getting your glasses properly fitted by a professional optician. There are many benefits of properly fitting glasses, and if you are trying to find what they are, then you have come to the right place. At Invision Optical, we can get you sized up for a pair of glasses that not only corrects your vision but fits your face properly. In this blog, we take a look at how to achieve properly fitting glasses.

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What is the need for glasses for you? 

Every human head is unique, each face has different measurements and no other eyes on earth are exactly like yours. Invision Optical optometrists start with your prescription first and then consider what frames would best accommodate it. Some prescriptions might influence the thickness, weight or other characteristics of the frame, which should be factored in from the beginning of the fitting process. Opticians may also consider what purpose the glasses are intended for, what type of occupation and lifestyle you have, and whether you have any medical issues.

How do the frames rest on the bridge of your nose?

Since eyeglass frames fit certain face shapes differently, it is important to observe how a frame rests on your unique facial features. For example, if the bridge area does not fit properly on your nose then the glasses will slide down, affecting not only how they look and feel but also how you see. Also, if the glasses are too narrow and tight, then they may put pressure on your face while restricting your peripheral vision.

Alignment calibration 

Part of the process of being fitted by an optician includes getting horizontal and vertical lens alignment calibrations correctly, which ensures that your eyes will be looking through the optical center of the lens precisely for clear and comfortable vision. Only a trained optician, equipped with the proper tools, can take these measurements accurately. It is very important that lens parameters are made to the exact millimeter, so do not believe websites that claim these measurements can be done at home or online! Wearing lenses with incorrect alignment specifications will commonly cause issues such as visual discomfort, blurriness, eye strain, “pulling sensation” and headaches.

There is nothing better than a properly fitting pair of glasses. If you are looking for how you can achieve properly fitting glasses, then Invision Optical is the place for you. Our team of optometrists can get you outfitted with glasses that fit your face, style, and vision needs! Click here to find our contact information, schedule an eye exam, or speak with a representative.