Optometrist myths debunked

There are many myths out there pertaining to the optometry industry. Eye health has become a popular health topic for a variety of different reasons. One cannot take risks when it comes to eye care as this is one part that helps you see the world around you. Though people are quite aware of the growing eyesight concern, they are surrounded by myths that make them hesitate to get their vision checked. In this blog by Invision Optical, we unbunk some of the common myths that are present in the optometry industry. 

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Myth 1: My eyesight is perfect and there is no need for me to get a checkup. 

In reality, there are very few cases where eyesight retains its perfection throughout one’s lifespan. But, in most cases, a problem may occur, and you may not even realize it.

By visiting an eye clinic, you make sure of one thing. That proper vision care would be given priority. Be sure to pay attention to smaller symptoms, before the issue has gone too far.

Myth 2: If my child is not old enough to read, I don’t need to bring them for an eye test. 

No matter what the age of your child, you can always get their eyes checked. Reading through the alphabetic chart is not the only way available to get an eye checkup. Technology has grown to an extent where everything is possible. Automation has taken over that promise to provide perfect and accurate results. When you pay a visit to an optometrist, they make sure that the eye test is easy on your little one and that they find it fun. Also, getting your child’s eye test should be your priority even if everything looks perfect.

Myth 3: Optometrists will prescribe me glasses even if I don’t need them.

If you visit a reputable optometrist, like Invision Optical, there is no chance that they’ll advise you anything that you don’t require. The test results would be thorough with no chance of misleading output. Moreover, an eye test should be included in your routine checkups; just to be sure that everything is fine.

Myth 4: If I start wearing glasses I’ll become dependent on them.

Wearing glasses is not making you dependent on them, instead, it is stabilizing your eyesight as to where it stands. On the other hand, if you stop wearing glasses, your eyesight could deteriorate further. And, if that happens, you would need to opt for surgery, or you may even lose the vision altogether. Therefore, if you have been prescribed a pair of spectacles after going through an eye exam, do wear them.

These are just a few of the common myths associated with the optometry industry. However, one thing is certain, if you are in need of quality vision care, Invision Optical is the place for you. Click here to find our contact information, schedule an eye exam, or to speak with a representative. 

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