How can eyeglasses improve my quality of life?

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How can eyeglasses improve my quality of life?

It is a common truth that small things and intricate details often make a noticeable difference. This also applies to eyeglasses. Some important features distinguish simple eyeglasses from a premium-quality, customized pair of eyeglasses that delivers significant benefits. You may wonder how better eyeglasses can also improve the quality of your life. At Invision Optical, we have a massive selection of brand name eyeglass frames and lenses to choose from! We can get you fitted with a pair of eyeglasses that improves your vision, and doesn’t break the bank. So, how can eyeglasses improve my quality of life? Let’s take a look.

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Wearing eyeglasses will not weaken your vision

Glasses can improve your vision but, just like they can’t strengthen or improve your physical eye to fix your eyesight, they are also not going to weaken your eyes if you wear them. Prescription eyeglasses are optical aids that change the way your eye receives light rays to improve visual clarity. This results in a better overall visual experience. Wearing glasses does not increase or decrease your actual eyesight and vision strength.

Glasses can help you prevent issues down the road

Despite our busy, hectic work schedule, many of us still carve out precious time to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s eating a healthy diet or exercising, we hope those actions will ultimately lead to a longer, rewarding and healthy lifespan. Generally, though, there is little time or thought dedicated to ways we can improve and maintain our vision. It’s possible you could have far-sightedness, near-sightedness or astigmatism. In these instances, you’ll likely receive a prescription for glasses. In addition, typically sometime in our 40s, we lose the ability to focus up close when doing near activities such as reading or computer work. This is called presbyopia and typically leads to the need for corrective lenses. The earliest symptom of presbyopia is an inability to read the fine print from a distance of several inches, which improves when the reading material is held out further away from the eye. For some presbyopic patients, over-the-counter reading glasses are adequate for general near reading or handiwork. However, many people will require multifocal lenses to correct for distance, near and intermediate vision.

Glasses can improve your quality of life in numerous ways. If you are in need of reading glasses or prescription glasses, then Invision Optical is the place for you! Let our team of professional optometrists get you fitted with a quality pair of eyeglasses today!

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