Schedule An Eye Exam With An Optometrist

Schedule An Eye Exam With An Optometrist

After a good workout, we are quick to rest the muscles in our body and appreciate all that they are capable of doing for us daily. The same cannot be said of our eyes. As one of the most used muscles in the entire body, many of us neglect to show the same care to our eyes, as we do to the rest of our body’s muscles. To keep our eyes healthy and functioning correctly, an annual eye exam is a great way to achieve this. Schedule an eye exam with an optometrist at Invision Optical and ensure the overall health of your eyes. To learn more about our eye exams performed at our Oakville facility, please keep reading below.

Ocular Conditions

Many eye issues and diseases do not possess symptoms that are outwardly apparent, nor catchable by those untrained in optometry. By undergoing an eye exam by one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced optometrists, they have the training to catch, identify, and offer treatments for eye conditions and chronic cases such myopia, glaucoma, and cataracts. Eye doctors even have the skills to identify diabetes in patients, as symptoms can be detected through the eye.

 Risk-Related Issues

Our optometrists understand the risk factors related to our patients, taking into consideration how age and other health issues can affect a person’s eyes and their overall vision health. For this reason, our eye exams begin by taking a detailed account of your health and optical history, as well as your family’s health history.

Comprehensive Testing

Once a review of your health history has been taken, now is the time for the comprehensive eye testing to begin. We will perform a vision accuracy examination that will test for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Eye pressure measurements and a retinal examination will also take place at this time. The entire examination process is meant to maintain our patient’s optimal vision and catch any signs of developing issues or eye conditions. Our optometrists will explain their findings to you, and deliver a prescription strength if you need one. Our facility can then provide an eyeglasses or contacts fitting to provide eyewear with the required lens strength.

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