I Need Prescription Glasses

I Need Prescription Glasses

At Invision Optical, we’re set on providing a high level of customer service and customer satisfaction for all of our Oakville clients and beyond. Every visitor that comes through our doors is met with professional and caring staff members that will help sort through our extensive selection of premium glasses to find a pair that suits them. That is the Invision Optical promise. If you are in need of prescription glasses, find out how we can help you in your search!


Everybody’s eyes are unique and have different needs; therefore we offer a wide range of vision aid products to help our clients achieve their best vision possible. We offer a large selection of high-quality eyeglasses designed to fit all types of lifestyles. Our facility provides low-cost designer eyeglasses, with an extensive collection of frames from some of the most well known and trusted brands on the market. We can place your prescription and lens strengths in your favoured frames for the ultimate fit and style. We carry Ray-Ban, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Chloe, Hugo Boss, Disney, Nike, and many more popular brands for your vision-related needs!


With the ongoing change in seasons, it is essential to provide your eyes with the protection they need, especially when it comes to the sun’s rays. Our facility is able to take your required prescription and place them in the sunglasses of your choice, to provide you with stylish, yet functional, eye protection.

Motorcycle Glasses

Our Oakville facility is well stocked with many forms of prescription products to provide eye protection for residents throughout the area. If you require prescription motorcycle glasses, then we can help! When it comes to placing prescriptions in wrapped glasses or sunglasses, as needed for riding, free-form digital lens provides a middle ground that eliminates peripheral distortion usually associated with these types of glasses. We stock a variety of motorcycle glasses that will guarantee our clients’ safety and comfort on and off the road.

Find The Perfect Pair Today

If you are in need of prescription glasses, then come down to Invision Optical today to receive a professional and extensive eye exam and obtain your prescription, and the perfect pair of glasses that fit your style.

Please click here to contact us at our Oakville facility online, or give us a call (905-842-9444), to book an appointment with one of our highly trained Eye Doctors today!

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