Eyewear at Invision Optical

Eyewear at Invision Optical

Invision Optical is here for all of your eyewear needs- whether you are after sunglasses, safety glasses, motorcycle glasses and goggles, prescription eyewear, frames or exclusive brands- we have it all! We also carry accessories for your eyewear, from cases to hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners.

Servicing the Oakville area, Invision Optical provides top quality products with a focus on customer service. Read on to learn more about what our company can do for you and your eyes!

The Invision Optical Promise

Our professional and caring staff will help you every step of the way here at Invision Optical. Our in-house optometrists can provide you with eye exams and the information you need to understand the state of your eyes. They can answer any questions and relieve any concerns you might have about the health of your eyes.

You will not have to leave the Invision Optical building to obtain your new eyewear. After your eye exam, with this new data at hand, our employees can then help you pick out the best glasses, frames, or contact lenses to match your vision requirements to your lifestyle. Following the purchase of any of our eyewear products, we provide our clients with frame or lens adjustments to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Your eyewear satisfaction is our Invision Optical Promise.

Personal Expression

When choosing the right eyewear for you, it is essential to think about the lifestyle you live. Every person’s eyes are unique, just like everyone’s personality, so we believe it is only right to match personal expression with eyewear here at Invision optical. We offer low-cost designer eyeglasses so you can look a million bucks without having to spend that much! If we do not carry what you are after, Invision Optical can order in any pair of glasses if given the serial number!

With our large selection of premium eyewear, Invision Optical has something for everyone.

Maybe you are looking for elegant frames to match your sophisticated demeanour, or you are in need of glasses that can stand up to your active lifestyle. Whether your style is cool and collected, or playful and loud, our eyewear selection will satisfy your personal expression. From monochromatic frames to colourful designs, our collection of frames and glasses will give you a reason to accessories.

Give us a call, contact us online at Invision Optical, or drop by our store to peruse our vast collection of eyewear today!


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