Eye Doctors at Invision Optical

Eye Doctors at Invision Optical

Our eye doctors at Invision Optical are fully licenced and wholly trained in the process of accessing and understanding your eyes. The individualized customer service we provide to all of our clients is what makes Invision Optical so great.

Periodic visits to the eye doctor are needed to optimize the health of your eyes. Getting your eyes examined on an annual or biannual basis will help you keep track of your vision as well as your overall health.

To understand how Invision Optical can help you and your eyes, read on for more details!

Our Customer Service

When you visit our eye doctors at Invision Optical, we offer personalized experiences for all of our clients. Whether you book an appointment ahead of time, or walk-in for an eye examination, our doctors will provide you with the best help in the Oakville area. Our services extend from exams and checkups to finding you the perfect prescription for your new frames or contact lenses.

All of your vision needs will be met when you visit us here at Invision Optical because we take our customer service very seriously.

More Than Your Vision

When you visit our eye doctors, you are checking up on more than your eyes. With each eye exam given at Invision Optical, our eye doctors check an array of vision details that connect you not just to the state of your eyes but to the overall health of your body.

Eye doctors can detect and prevent more than just vision-related problems. Our doctors have the ability and knowledge to identify other illnesses and diseases within the body that can manifest through the eyeball. These include Hypertension and Diabetes. Untreated diabetes can lead to irreparable damage in your eyes and throughout your body, so catching it early on is paramount to keeping your eyes and your body healthy and happy.

What Will it Cost You?

In the province of Ontario, insurers typically cover one Optometrist eye exam every two years for their customers. OHIP covers eye exams for children, ages twenty or younger, once a year.

Every insurer has different policies, but you may be covered for additional costs when it comes to purchasing your prescription eyewear. It is essential to check with your particular insurer and the fees they cover under your policy before buying.

Overall, Invision Optical is here to provide you with the best eye doctors, products, and services that the Oakville area has to offer.

Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified eye doctors.