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Your Personal Optometrist at Invision Optical!  

When you think about working out, or flexing your body’s muscles- images of massive biceps and rock solid abs may come to mind- but did you know the eye is one of the most used muscles in our entire body?

Our eyes contain over 7 million cones that are vital in perceiving colour and detail and 100 million rod cells that help us to see in the dark. That’s over 107 million working parts in just our eyeballs! Just like the muscles groups throughout our body, we need to train and take care of our eyes. Often overlooked, eyes need just as much care and attention as any other muscle group in your body, maybe even more so!

That’s why Invision Optical is here- to ensure those muscles are working in peak condition!

Online vs. In person

Do you really know what you’re getting from online-only stores? As humans, we connect to one another through verbal and physical cues. In a single hour, our eyes can analyze 36 thousand pieces of information. These muscles are one of the most important outlets for human interaction, as we process almost 4/5th of all sensory data through them. Therefore communication can primarily be done by and through the eyes, accurately described as the windows to our soul.

With Invision Optical, every visit is personal, so you get the care and attention your eyes deserve. Our Optometrists provide that crucial human interaction, and overall communication to find out what you and your eyes need most.

Our Optometrists provide an array of internal and external exams that will help in assessing the overall health of your eyes. We are well equipped to analyze and treat the eyes of all ages and are readily able to care for new and current patients alike. Invision Optical assures that you will be provided with the utmost care, as each visit will see you leaving with the most comprehensive and personal experience at our disposal.

Your eyes are important muscles of your body, containing millions of moving parts. They are the driving force behind human interaction and communication. Therefore, visiting Invision Optical is in your best interest to keep those muscles in tip-top shape! Click here to find more information about our services, or to set up an appointment at Invision Optical today!   

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