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Eye Doctors and Your Health

Have you ever taken your health for granted? When you’ve come down with a cold, do you realize just how much you miss feeling healthy? Did you wish you ate that apple a day, drank that extra mug of green tea, or went to the doctor sooner?

Hindsight is always 20/20- Invision Optical is here to help make your current vision as close to that as possible!

Almost 80% of the world’s vision problems are either preventable or curable. Your vision and your health are acutely connected. Eye doctors can detect more than just eye-related issues, they can identify other types of illnesses and diseases that manifest throughout your body, like Diabetes and Hypertension. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a routine eye check-up.

In 2016, roughly 2.1 million Canadians were diagnosed with diabetes. One out of every four Canadians may have diabetes, prediabetes, or undiagnosed diabetes. This statistic is projected to rise to one in three by the year 2020. Overall, this puts an undue strain on the Canadian health care system and economy, costing the government $11.7 billion in 2010. The Canadian Diabetes Association predicts this spending to rise to $16 billion by 2020.

Diabetic eye diseases can range from cataracts and glaucoma to Diabetic retinopathy and Diabetic macular edema (DME).  Any of the above can cause severe vision loss, as well as an array of other health problems.

So routine check-ups are not only crucial to the health of your eyes but can connect you to the overall health of your body.

Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist:

There are different types of eye doctors out there- so how do you know which kind is right for you? The main difference between the two is that Ophthalmologists are trained to perform eye surgery, whereas Optometrists are not. Both eye doctors can diagnose, treat, and help prevent a variety of eye problems. Ophthalmologist and Optometrist are required to keep up to date with their knowledge and training as defined by the

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (M.D.s) that specialize in eye care. A referral from your Optometrist is usually needed to see the Ophthalmologist. After the completion of an undergraduate degree, Ophthalmologists must complete medical school for four years, and attend hospital-based training known as residency, for another four years.

Optometrists are the primary healthcare providers when it comes to your vision and overall eye health. Having previously completed a pre-professional undergraduate degree, Optometrists gain their qualifications through a four year Doctor of Optometry degree (OD). Once this degree is obtained, they must pass a national examination administered by the Optometry Examining Board of Canada, and require licensure to practice within their chosen provincial or territorial jurisdiction. Here at Invision Optical, all of our Optometrists are up to date with their qualifications, licensing, and training, so you know you are getting the best care out there.

Your eyes not only connect you with the world around you, but also to the inner workings of your body, so make sure you schedule your routine checkup today. To access more information on the services Invision Optical provides, you can continue to browse our website at your leisure! Our contact our Optometrists today by clicking here.