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The human eye is approximately 24 millimetres across. The Colossal Squid has an eye measurement of 27 centimetres across. That’s over 11 times bigger than our eyes! Just think how large a squid’s contact lens would be!

Luckily for them, colossal squids don’t have to worry about that, but we do.

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Your Personal Optometrist at Invision Optical!  

When you think about working out, or flexing your body’s muscles- images of massive biceps and rock solid abs may come to mind- but did you know the eye is one of the most used muscles in our entire body?

Our eyes contain over 7 million cones that are vital in perceiving colour and detail and 100 million rod cells that help us to see in the dark.

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Eye Doctors and Your Health

Have you ever taken your health for granted? When you’ve come down with a cold, do you realize just how much you miss feeling healthy? Did you wish you ate that apple a day, drank that extra mug of green tea, or went to the doctor sooner?