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Unfortunately, many of us are so used to having our eyes on a computer screen or television set that eye and vision issues too often go unnoticed. Think about it, after staring at a computer screen for a time, do you have to rub your eyes? Squint because words and images are blurry? Use eye drops to soothe dry eyeballs? If you are experiencing these problems and others, then it’s time to talk to us at Invision Optical about computer eyestrain and the advantages of wearing computer glasses in Oakville. Read on for more information about the importance of wearing computer glasses.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is found to affect both adults and children who spend more than two hours a day in front of electronic screens, including computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices with a digital screen. Because of this, many people experience what is called digital eye strain. People with computer related eye strain often deal with dry and irritated eyes, blurry vision, headaches and general eye fatigue, and symptoms are made worse the longer your eyes remain planted on a digital screen. Other symptoms of computer vision syndrome include problems focusing, burning eyes, neck and shoulder pain, double vision, red eyes and eye twitching.

Reducing your risk of computer eye strain and computer vision syndrome is possible when you seek out an eye care professional who practices computer vision care. They will perform tests to detect vision problems that may be contributing to CVS or making it worse. Your doctor may recommend that you wear specialized computer eyeglasses to increase comfort while you’re working on your computer.

Why wear computer glasses in the Oakville area

First, computer glasses are not the same thing as regular eyeglasses with vision correction lenses. They are made to work with computer screens to optimize your eyesight the entire time you’re looking at a screen. Here are a few of the top benefits of wearing computer glasses:

  • Better focus: Today, our eyes are falling upon things that were not widely available (or even invented yet) even a short time ago. Computer glasses relax you and offer comfort so you can maintain focus.
  • Reduce blue-violet light: All digital screens emit blue-violet light, also known as harmful blue light. The glasses reduce the amount of bad light, filtering out about 20 percent of it and letting in good blue light.
  • Say goodbye to CVS symptoms: These lenses can reduce or eliminate CVS symptoms, including dry eyes, red and irritated eyes, headaches, eye strain, shoulder and neck pain, a sore back and other problems.

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