Sunglasses at Invision Optical


Sunglasses at Invision Optical

The wearing of sunglasses can play a big role in the health of your eyes. Though there are many avid sunglasses wearers out there, there are also some who are not so keen on wearing them. However you feel about wearing sunglasses, these five benefits of using eye protection from the sun will encourage you to put on those Ray-Bans whenever the sun is out. Read on for more information about the benefits of wearing sunglasses from Invision Optical, and learn about how they can help your vision health long term!

Sunglasses can help to decrease eye problems

It is common knowledge to wear sunscreen when going outside to prevent your skin from getting burned. In the same way, we need to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays that can penetrate our sensitive eye tissue. When a person does not use sunglasses, they have a much higher chance of damage to the eye due to the sun’s rays. The strong UV rays that Texas is known for can lead to serious eye problems, such as various eye diseases which can permanently impact your quality of vision.

Sunglasses can protect you from the environment

The wind can also play a big role in our eye health. From even a light breeze we can find that sand and dirt fly into the eye. Plus, a windy day blowing our way can cause many to have dry-eye issues. By wearing sunglasses when outside, it is like you are wearing a suit of armor over your eyes. Sunglasses can protect the wind from blowing into your eyes and causing dryness, as well as prevent debris from being blown into your eyes, causing irritation. 

Sunglasses can actually help to improve your vision

We all know that the sun comes with very strong rays, and it is not good practise to look directly into it. Without eye protection, you are likely to have reduced vision due to the glare of the sun’s rays. The brightness causes people to squint through the sunlight, which limits the quality of vision. This is especially dangerous while driving. There are statistics that show that there are over one hundred people who die each year while driving due to impaired vision from the sun.

What are some of the brands of sunglasses that we carry at Invision Optical?

If you’re looking for polarized lenses, or even other top brands such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, Valentino, Maui Jim, Nike, Evatik, Ray Ban, and Bolle, we can get you any pair! With our extensive inventory of quality branded sunglasses, and our dedicated and experienced team of optometrists, we can get you fitted with a pair of sunglasses that fit your face, budget, and improve your vision.

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