How to find the right eyeglass frame for your face shape

Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses can be just as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans. You want to find something that fits you just right, and something that you can have confidence wearing. As eyeglasses are a necessity to help us see better and correct our vision issues, they are a vital accessory in our everyday lives, and that is cause enough to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses that suits your face shape and your overall style. Choosing the right frames can be even more challenging if you wear progressive lenses. Progressive lenses require larger frames, and that can limit the amount of styles you can choose from. However, there is some good news, many eyeglass brands are beginning to design flexible lenses that can fit into a large variety of different frames including fashion frames, sport frames, and casual frames to name a few. The next thing you need to do is determine what kind of frames will work best with your face shape. It doesn’t matter if you have an oval shaped face, round, square, or rectangular shaped, there is a style of frame for you! Choosing the right eyeglass frames is a lot like picking out new clothes, you want something that compliments your body features and looks and feels great. If you’re new to wearing eyeglasses, or you believe that you have been wearing the wrong shape frames this whole time! Then you should read along to determine how to choose the right eyeglass frames for your face shape.

Learn how to choose the right eyeglass frames for your face shape:

Round Face – Consider Square Frames:

Choosing square frames will allow you to gain an elongated face shape. You can choose frames for angled lenses that are narrow to really give your face a longer look.

Oval Face – Possibilities Are Endless:

If you have are a person that has an oval shaped face, then you are in luck! People with oval shaped faces tend to have more balanced proportions, which means they can wear pretty much any kind of glasses frame they want, and have them look good. One thing that does need to be considered is the size of your face, so you can pick the right proportioned eyeglasses.

Square Face – Consider Round Frames:

If you are a person that has a square shaped face, that means that you have a larger forehead and a more defined jaw line. Choosing round eyeglass frames can help you soften the shape, and add some curves.

Heart Shaped Face – Consider Round Frames:

People with heart shaped faces have a wider forehead, higher cheeks, and a smaller chin. Choosing eyeglass frames that have a bridge and curved lines will allow you to break up the width of your forehead.

Rectangular Shaped Face – Consider Bigger is Better:

People with rectangular shaped faces tend to have more length than width, so choosing frames that give the illusion of a wider face can be beneficial to these types of people. Choosing larger and oversized frames, or wrap around sports frames can be successful with creating this illusion.

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