Wearing Smart Glasses That You Actually Enjoy Having On.

At Invision Optical we are always looking for and using the latest technology in vision. We have many types of glasses and we are home to many reputable brands. Our eye protection is top of the line, but there is some technology out there that is coming of age, and we want to share it with our valued customers. Invision Optical has caught wind that a new hardware startup company has been working on a project called Vue Smart Glasses. These glasses are not meant to look futuristic or anything resembling bulky wearable technology, but instead, these glasses are meant to look like everyday glasses that you or I would wear.

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We are all aware of technically advanced wearable devices for gaming like Oculus Rift and Playstation VR, and how these strategies can cross over into areas like surgical practises. We also know how strange it would always be to be wearing bulky smart glasses with a camera on them, it looks nerdy, and to others, it probably looks pretty creepy. What about utilizing wearable technology into our everyday lives that is useful, practical and doesn’t make you look like a cyborg from outer space? That is where Vue Smart Glasses will come into play. These glasses won’t project images onto the lenses, or depict holograms onto your bedside table. Instead, these glasses will focus on innovative bone conduction audio technology and transfer sound to your inner ear. Essentially, you will be able to eliminate the use of headphones, earphones, and Bluetooth speakers for listening to music or making calls.

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With Vue Smart Glasses, touch controls will make it easy for you to take calls, set reminders, get navigation information, and control your music. The glasses work with your mobile phone via bluetooth, and are meant for people who wear prescription glasses, sunglasses, or style frames. They are water resistant and have built in activity tracking, and if you lose your Vue Smart Glasses, you can always find them with the built in ‘find my glasses’ feature. For added convenience, the Vue Smart Glasses are gesture controlled by gently tapping the right side of the frame. With all these different types of fitness tracking devices and having to deal with the cable for your earphones, the Vue Smart Glasses will eliminate all of this. A jogger or walker will be able to bring with them nothing but their phone, and their Vue Smart Glasses.

Invision Optical is always looking for ways to bring innovation and the latest technology in eyewear to our customers. If we come across a groundbreaking advancement in eyewear technology, we will write about it and let you know!

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