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Concussion eye tests are eliminating patient influences

Concussions are almost impossible to objectively diagnose, and with so many sports being so physical, concussion injuries are a rather common occurrence. Professional sports give players the added pressure of thinking they need to be in the game at all times, no matter what their injury may be; there is money, respect, and playing time at stake.

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Wearing Smart Glasses That You Actually Enjoy Having On.

At Invision Optical we are always looking for and using the latest technology in vision. We have many types of glasses and we are home to many reputable brands. Our eye protection is top of the line, but there is some technology out there that is coming of age, and we want to share it with our valued customers.

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Getting Night-Vision Capabilities With Your Current Pair Of Glasses

Your mind is about to be blown! The future is here, and it is bringing new possibilities that we could never even imagine. We’ve all seen war movies, or spy movies that utilize night-vision goggles that the subject uses to see their targets in the dark or at night. Pretty sweet gadget, and very effective.