Cycling Glasses That Show Digital Information, But Does Not Obscure Your Vision.

Cycling Glasses That Show Information But Don’t Obscure Your Vision.


smart digital glassesCycling can be an enjoyable hobby and a very good exercise for your body. That being said, it can also be quite dangerous depending on where you are cycling. There are cars and traffic to deal with, weather hazards, road conditions, pedestrians and even other cyclists to be aware of. Combine all these factors with the distraction of having to constantly peer down at your cycling computer to read your metrics, and you’ve got yourself a dangerous and potentially fatal past time. Invision Optical has come across a way that cyclists can combat these distractions and keep their eyes fixed on the road and their surroundings would be to invest in cycling glasses that project data on the lenses. One company called Everysight thinks they have the solution to cycling eye distractions with the recent development of Raptor, a set of glasses that projects data right onto the inner lenses.

This new breakthrough in technology will allow the rider to see all of their cycling data in front of their eyes transparently, instead of having to look down at a cycling computer. The rider will get information like heart rate, curvature of the road ahead, navigation, speed, and other crucial information. These glasses will allow the cyclist to keep their eyes on the road in front of them, and at the same time view all the information they need. You can even record your ride in HD so that you can play it back when you are done, and have all the data visible on the screen. You will be able to get lenses that are slightly tinted as well, so you can have some UV protection from the sun as you ride.

These glasses are also very intuitive. You can control them with buttons on your handlebars, buttons on the glasses themself, or with voice commands. There is even a companion app that you can download to view your data and share it with other fitness tracking apps.

These innovative and convenient cycling glasses from Everysight are not yet available to the public, but they are on the way, and they are a game changer in the cycling industry. The company is enlisting people to test out their product, so if you are an avid cyclist who uses fitness tech like computers or heart monitors, you should try and sign up and be the first to wear this new technology. These glasses are a game changer because the rider can stay focused on navigating their bike, while some competitors will have the added distraction of looking down frequently at a computer to see important data. This wearable tech is the future, and can provide efficiency combined with safety for all kinds of cyclists.

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