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Tom Ford Glasses Oakville

Tom Ford Glasses Oakville – Overview

When it comes to fashion eyewear, Tom Ford is a name that cannot be forgotten. The brand has added another new facet to their collection.
When it comes to the eyewear niche, Tom Ford is a name that has stood the test of time. The excellent thing about this brand is that they have added another line recently to their growing eyewear offerings. The Tom Ford brand already has a wide range of stylish eyewear designs for men and women. Now, the additions to the already established collection are meticulously crafted with the highest grade Japanese Titanium.

How Tom Ford Started:

Generally, most eyeglass brands follow the path of opening a luxury house, but Mr. Ford, the founder of Tom Ford Glasses, took a new path and started the journey just with entry-level licenses. The brand began its journey by associating itself with the eyewear manufacturer Marcolin, which is the still taking care of the responsibility of manufacturing optical and sunglass frames for Mr.Ford’s company.
With initial collaboration with Marcolin, the brand expanded its business through a license with Estee Lauder. Then, accessories and apparels were introduced under the brand name of Tom Ford. Anybody will be surprised and inspired to know that now, the brand operates 120 stores and even an online store under its huge umbrella.
Anybody interested in branded eyewear, can feel confident about opting for the right pair of glasses under the Tom Ford brand.

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