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History of the aviator sunglasses

The aviator style of glasses – A product of history

Aviator sunglasses are perhaps one of the most popular brands of glasses available in the market owing to their very design which not only protects the eyes but also the surrounding regions, unlike other frame styles. The history of aviator sunglasses dates back to 1936,

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Kanye Shutter Shades

Would you rock a pair of these iconic Kanye West inspired shutter sunglasses?

Fashion is what defines the basic body language of someone and sunglasses are an integral part of that fashion. While aviators, wayfarers are common brands of sunglasses, shutter shades seem quite out of the lot and exceptional in terms of design.

Tom Ford Designer Sunglasses

Tom Ford Designer Shades – The True Designs

Most men and women these days that are more into fashion that they wish to get the best accessories will often be looking through the tom ford catalogue. Tom ford sunglasses have become a pop culture icon.

Tom Ford brought luxury into the 21st century by showcasing his fashion through a world of depravity and hyper sexuality at different brands and then he took the center stage himself with his own label in the year 2004.

Vintage Red White and Blue Sunglasses – For The Patriotism In You!

The Red White And Blue Vintage Shades

Some people enjoy collecting and wearing traditional items and there is no exception to this rule when it comes to sunglasses.
Each one of us has some sort of patriotism towards our nation. There are many fashionable items that people wear to show their nations colors.

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Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses: Look More Unique Than Recent Sunglasses

There were many cool designs of glasses that came out from the 50s and through the 70s eras. Brands of sunglasses like polaroid, foster grant, and cool ray designed great designs that were well received by a younger market in those times.