How to protect your kid’s eyes from UV

post3[1]Summer is here again and you parents must be excited to get outside and play with your kids. Of course, you’re taking the necessary precautions against the heat and UV. You’re slathering them in sunscreen, keeping hats on their heads and bringing plenty of water every time you go out with your kids. But have you thought about protecting their eyes?

Protecting your eyes from UV radiation is just as important as putting on sunscreen to protect your skin. UV exposure can cause age related eye diseases over time. Infants and young kids are especially vulnerable to UV radiation since their crystalline lens can’t filter UV light very well. A lot of damage can be done by the time they are 18 if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Luckily there are a lot of ways to protect your kid’s eyes and a trained eye care professional can help. If your child wears glasses, you can get clear UV block coatings that can go on any lenses. Kid’s sunglasses are a good option if you want something that will protect them from UV and the discomfort of glare. You can get them regular tinted sunglasses, polarized lenses or prescription transition lenses.

The first step to keeping your kid’s eyes safe is finding a quality optometrist like Invision Optical in Oakville. They have a wide selection of quality eyewear and will make sure your child gets exactly what they need. You can see their great selection of quality kid’s eyewear on their Facebook page.

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