Buying glasses frames: brand name or quality

post4You reach into your bag to grab your glasses and the leg has broken, the lens has popped off or worse they’ve somehow been broken in half. “These weren’t cheap,” you think to yourself as you examine the wreckage of your frames.

Opticians know this problem all too well. While brand name frames can be made of high quality materials, it’s not always the case. Still many people look for a brand they like before even thinking about the quality of materials when buying new frames. A good optician will always recommend that you pick frames that will last and look great.

Your optician will help you choose frames that fit your budget. You’ll pay a little more for higher quality frames, but they will last longer saving you money in the long run. You should look for frames made from high quality materials like acetate, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and carbon fibre. If you want something more luxurious wood, horn and gold also make great frame materials.

A quality pair of frames will also have high quality screw joints or will be screwless. Screwless frames reduce the overall weight of the frame, making them more comfortable on your face. Without screws there’s also one less thing that can be damaged on your frames.

You can find the right frames for you at a quality optician like Invision Optical in Oakville. They have a wide selection of designer eyewearmade from high quality materials. They’re known for their great customer service, which is evident from their Facebook reviews.

You can make an appointment to get fitted for your new frames by calling Invision Optical at 905-842-9444 or by visiting their clinic in the Maple Grove Village Plaza in Oakville.